20 oz. 3 Wick Bloom Candle

20 oz. 3 Wick Bloom Candle

Dimensions are 5”w x 3”h 


All handmade in Charlotte NC out of concrete and with natural clean burning coconut wax and zink free lead free cotton wicks.


Reuse the concrete vessel when you're finished as a planter or anything you like!


Please remember to trim your wick to 1/8" after each burn to ensure a clean burn. Only burn candles for 2-3 hours.


Treat your concrete treasure like glass. Natural ware is normal for concrete pieces, chips and discolored areas are celebrated due to the natural concrete product. 


*** Each piece is handmade and may vary in size and texture which makes yours unique! I am more then happy to send a picture proof if requested :)


Plant not included.

  • Return Policy

    • Items are eligible for return only if the item is damaged during shipping. All items are you unique and have unique characteristics due to the nature of concrete. Please request a photo of the item ordered if you would like to see it before it ships.

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